About Me

Hi, I’m Chris. At the age of seven I read an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto in the Super Mario World player’s guide (Mario Mania):

I think great video games are like favorite playgrounds, places you become attached to and go back to again and again.

And that stuck with me. I wanted to make video games ever since then. Growing up there were no resources to learn how to make games, the best I could do was play lots of them and read all the interviews in magazines. In 2018 launched the final update for my latest game Eruption (currently rated 8/10 on Steam). Right now I am looking for work and hope you are interested in my talents and skills.

While I truly enjoy making games, I am open to other full-time opportunities in Software Engineering and confronting the technical challenges therein. I am fluent in C++, Java, and Python, and have worked in Windows, Linux, and Mac environments. If I am not job hunting, I am either programming a game or reimplementing data structures in C++.